* All store prices are for MOLDS (unless otherwise indicated). We can create dolls from any mold as a special order items (615-847-7439)
You can email us at somethingfancyinc@msn.com
  • Bisque Mignonettes
  • Chinas and Parians
  • Cachet’ Lady Dolls
  • Half Dolls
  • Antique Character Dolls
  • Antique Fashion Dolls
  • Antique Figurines
  • Patterns
  • Vista Molds
  • New Releases
  • IDA Molds
  • Finished Dolls


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We are a small doll mold company located in Old Hickory, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. ┬áSomething Fancy prides itself in being a company that specializes in the production of molds for rare and unusual dolls. We also have a line of fashion ladies, some originals and a variety of other molds. Something Fancy Molds […]

IDA Molds

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